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Friday, July 2, 2010

My Summerfest Concert!!

Justin biebers shows are going great! They have great guest stars such as Jannette Jarelle, Sean Kingston, The Stunners, And More! They all work togeather well and togeather procuce one of the best concerts I have ever been too!! I went to the concert in Wisconsin. It was at the largest music festival in the world Summerfest. This was the first and only outdoor show of the tour so his show was modified lots. Although there was nothing really AMAZING the show was all around great! It started with the stunners then sean kindstong DJ, the the great man himself SEAN KINGSTON!!!! He played for about 20-30 minuets and then they moved on to Justin Bieber. The crew made a few fake outs about when Justin is going to appear but then he finally came out singgin his opening song LOVE ME!! it all went great. The lighting was amzing it was all based off of there sponsers gaming systems and when is there and what appears so lots of light gaming nosises and other things. his sponser was XBOX360 so it was bright nosiey and above and beyond amazing lighting wise. After his first 3-4 songs he took a little break and told a story about his back up dancers. He said they were also found singing on youtube! which i thought was very cool because it truley shows what youtube can do for you carrere wise. So they took about 10 minuets to sing a remiz of all the most popular songs right now! Then after 10 more songs the show was sadly over. He did do a fakeout by puting the "thanks for comming your support means the world pleaseexit to your left or right god bless" but of course i knew there was going to be an encore because the lights didnt go on! so we waited and then the fireworks, streams, confettie started blasting!! then him and sean kingston came out on the segways they got in MN. They sang a remix of a song to start, then the finished the night with BABY!! The crowd went crazy it was amzing. My seats were pretty good so the night was just perfect. Before the show i had to enjoy the nice weather of about 80 degrees so me my friend and our older shaparone went around summerfest. We started by going on the skyglider. It was amazing to see the 1000 diffrent types of preformances going on there. we also so the 100000000 bieber fans with all there posters trying to spread the bieber fever throught out summerfest!! They had poster clothing signs cloth capes wants ballons they had everything!!!! It was amazing and in result of there awesome stuff and decxorations 6 of those groups were moved to rows 1-5 which w asvery nice of KISSFM! Then after the skyglider we wanted to hit the jumy things! we wanted to d the bune jumper but we didnt because the line was 40 minuets wait!! aso we went to the obstical corse. After that we got freash corn, some food and noticed a line of about 400 people!! We thought it was stupid but we waited in line then my dad went to buy drinks and we lost him because we didnt think the line was going to move as fast as it really did!! we found him and got our drinks but then we saw my friends Madeline and Morgan we talked and they said there is no line! so we just walked up and got in to the auditorum right away. weird? haha sucks for the 1000 peps waiting in line and and because there were people in front and in back. When we got to the front we also found out the line is for a suvinor shack thing!! ahaha. but then the show statrted. to finish the night off we saw there anual waterfight after the show!! it wasnt in publice this time i saw it because i was in a now acsess area!! he then squirted me with water said hey and i love you! and blew me and kiss!! Then since i stayed there a little bit extra time i saw him rockin his segway but then getting in trouble. i laughted he turned thats when i ran abway and now stand corrected that was the best night of my life and a perfect finishing of the night too!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get a Voki now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here are some question's about Bieber Answer Them With A Simple Comment Below:

1.)Whats your favotire song by Justin?
a. Baby
b. Einnie Minne
c. Common Denomnater
d. Bigger
e. First Dance

2.)How Many Justin Bieber Concerts Have You Been To?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
e. 4+

3.)How Much Do You Love Justin Bieber?
a. Ewww JB?
b. Hes Ok I Guess...
c. I Like Him

Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Facts About Justin Bieber!

Some Random JB Facts:

~His Full Name Is Justin Drew Bieber
~Born March 1,1994
~Tagught himself Drums, Gutair, Piano, and the Saxephone
~Now signed with Island Jam Def records
~Forvite Color Is Blue
~Favorite Candy is sour patch kids
~Favotire snack is Doritos
~Fovorite pie is apple
~Favorite computer is MAC rather then PC
~Favorite food is spagetti
~likes playing soccer
~Favorite Mexican food is fajitas.
~His best friends are Christian Beadles, Chaz Summers, and Ryan Butler
~Home Town is in Canada
~Is 100% Christian
~Was found on youtube
~Signed by Usher and Scooter Braun
~His CD's are thoguht to be famous for the people in them
~Biebes is close to other pop sensations
~Wants to have a duet with Rhianna (his cleb crush!)

More to come...

1.) Teen Intrent Saftey Blog

When bloggin there are lots of things to remember. Here is a list of five things you should always beware of, and to not post. Because although you can post anything you want, SHould you?

1.) Becarful what you post anyone can see your postings, so anyone can hold them against you. Because some of the stuff you are posting now will be looked at for many years.

2.)Tell Your Parents! You might not want to but you should. They are your parents and they want the best for you, so give them the web aderess so they can help you stay safe. Because they do have the right's to your adress anyway.

3.)People online arent always who they appear to be! Becareful who you talk to and what kinda of relationship you build with that person. They might be posing to be a 13 year old boy/girl who wants a relationship when really there a 50 year old creep who just wants to meet you in person, which you should never do if you meet them online!

4.)Always read the Terms&Uses article. That artcle if for your help and will help protect you. Not only to help prtect you but also to help you from being volated with breaking the sites rules, which could somtimes cause a fine, or even expulsion or suspention from the site.

5.)PRIVACY! Privacy is key in the worl of Web 2.0!! Never give away any personal information. Your last name, Phone Number, Address, School, State, or Even City have the chance to rune your life! ALthough you dont want to think ever 50 year old male talking to you is a nice man he just wants you. He will do anything to get to see you and if you give out anything personal he will see and they will try to get ahold of you for bad things.

As you see there are many things you need to becarful of while on the intrent. Also on sites suxh as facebook there are many. MANY posers for celebrities, even justin bieber ;)

How He Was Found

Pop sensation Justin Bieber is living a crazy life at the age of only 16. Was this pop stars life always in the spot light? Not like he is today but he has always been loved by many. Justin Bieber was found as just a young singer doing what he loves on Youtube. A few years after being loved by all his fellow youtubers he was found by another recording artist, and record owning manager Scooter Braun! This was the start of his career. Altough Braun clicking on Bieber's video was an accident, this accendt as many caused a world wide case of the bieber fever. Once braun found this video he knew he needed to track him down to hear him sing. So a week after trying to find Justin, and a place to hear him sing Scooter had already left his hometown of Nevada to fly to see Bieber at his schools talent show in Standford, Canada. There he found Justin and tracked down his mom, Pattie Mallete, about her son's great talent for music. Then scooter planned to go to Atlanta, Gorgiea (His current hometown) Where he would sign for Ushers, and Btauns record lable. Then the new pop sensation grew to what he is today a pop sensation who almost all girls admire.

Justin when he was younger singing. Before becomming famous. And
having his awesoem hair. Which he cut shorted on June 18, 2010